Pet prescriptions and medication in Katy, TX

Prescription Pet Foods

Mayde Creek Animal Health Center is pleased to provide our clients with both an in-house pharmacy and an online pharmacy. Our pharmacy is fully-stocked with a variety of medications to treat your pet’s medical condition. After your pet’s appointment with us, his or her prescription will be ready for pick-up at the front desk. Our friendly staff will also provide you with instructions on administering your pet’s medication as well as answer any questions you may have regarding dosing instructions and potential side effects.

Prescription Foods

We also carry prescription diets from Hill’s and Purina for dogs and cats with special dietary needs. Our veterinarians will work with you to determine the prescription diet that is right for your pet’s special dietary needs. We guarantee that all of our medications, treatments, and therapeutic diets are stored in safe, optimal conditions.

Pet Medicine and Prescription Foods in Katy, TX

For questions regarding our pharmacy or to request a prescription refill, call Mayde Creek Animal Health Center today at (281) 578-5449.

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