dog x-ray to prepare for pet orthopedic surgery in Katy, TX

Orthopedic Surgery

Mayde Creek Animal Health Center is equipped with an advanced surgical suite and skilled veterinarians who are able to perform a wide range of orthopedic surgical procedures. Veterinary orthopedic surgery is a surgical procedure that fixes musculoskeletal conditions that affect your pet’s bones and joints. Our surgical suite is equipped with the latest patient monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of your pet. Mayde Creek employees some of the best pet orthopedic surgeons in Katy.

Orthopedic conditions that may require surgery include:

  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury or Rupture (CCL)
  • Degenerative joint diseases such as hip dysplasia and various forms of arthritis
  • Knee pain
  • Joint injuries
  • Traumatic injuries such as broken bones
  • Luxation / dislocations

Signs of a cruciate injury include:

  • Some degree of lameness (can be different levels of lameness)
  • Avoiding putting weight on the rear leg
  • Stiffness in the rear leg after resting or lying down
  • An apparent clicking noise when your pet puts weight on the rear leg or when leg is flexed

Schedule Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery in Katy, TX

If you have any concerns or notice signs of pain or discomfort in your pet, please call Mayde Creek Animal Health Center or schedule an appointment online. If left untreated, your pet’s injuries will only become worse over time.

Prior to surgery, our veterinarians will perform a thorough examination and conduct pre-anesthetic blood work to evaluate the function of the internal organs. After the exam, anesthetic drugs are selected for your pet based on the procedure, their age, breed, health, and lifestyle.